The LA Waterfront has undergone a tremendous transformation over the past fifteen years, as investments by the Port of Los Angeles, other investors and stakeholders have worked to create a world-class visitor destination.

The Port of Los Angeles invested $600 million between 2005 and 2015, and will invest another $400 million between 2015 and 2025, through the Public Access Investment Plan, for a total investment of $1 billion dollars.

Examples of completed signature projects along the LA Waterfront include the Cruise Ship Promenade, Gateway Fanfare Fountain, Wilmington Waterfront Park, 22nd Street Park, Downtown Harbor, and Cabrillo Way Marina.  Projects currently in development include the San Pedro Public Market, Promenade and Town Square, Wilmington Waterfront Promenade Project and the Avalon Promenade and Gateway.

Visit the LA Waterfront and witness the transformation that is underway!

Completed Projects

Since the inception of the LA Waterfront almost two decades ago, the Port of LA has successfully planned, invested and developed a significant number of waterfront properties and public open spaces.

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Current Projects

The LA Waterfront consists of a series of waterfront developments and community enhancement projects encompassing more than 400 acres of existing Port of LA property in the communities of San Pedro and Wilmington.

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Upcoming Projects

The footprint of the LA Waterfront has changed dramatically over the past fifteen years, and there is much more to come. The Port of LA is committed to projects that provide additional open space and encourage public access.


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Setting the Foundation

In 2009 the Board of Harbor Commissioners approved the Wilmington and San Pedro Waterfront Project Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) for the proposed development of the LA Waterfront. To build on projects already underway, the Port approved its Public Access Investment Plan in order to allow it to systematically plan and invest annually in LA Waterfront projects, facilities and public benefit programs.

The Plan provides a transparent, sustainable and predictable 10-year investment strategy for public access projects assessed in the Waterfront EIRs, planned within the LA Waterfront as a whole, and other public benefit programs like waterfront events, educational programs and economic development projects.

Public Access Investment Plan - Projections

The Public Access Investment Plan's budgetary guidelines propose allocation of approximately $400 million for LA Waterfront projects and community benefit programs over 10 years. The Plan calls for a total annual allocation for new public access capital projects based on 10% of Port Operating Income, projected to be approximately $200 million over 10 years. Also over the next 10 years, another estimated $200 million will be allocated to maintain existing and new public access projects, as well as provide public benefit programs.  The Plan was developed as a result of broad public outreach and community meetings that resulted in input from more than 500 participants and multiple community based organizations. 

Investment Plan
Investment Plan (2019 Update)


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